Returning the Favor

By John Peck |  May 2, 2017

'Returning the favor'.

That's how one of our volunteers, Louis Manago, sees helping out our medical clinic...and he takes on one of the more difficult tasks with the clinic operators at shut-down And he's now doing it every time the clinic closes down.

"I'm kind, I volunteer my time, I'm caring and understanding of other people's problems. I like to help churches because of other peoples' need who come there", says Louis.

Louis found out about the New Life Community Health Center through the food pantry. And, because the pantries and the clinic's facilities access are helping him during a personal rough stretch, Louis sees 'turnabout as fair play'.

"I'm clean and organized. I'm a perfectionist", Louis says, as he then begins to look for every cleaning tool he needs from the cleaning cart of shower room supplies. "I reciprocate...I don't want to just take from the church."

Louis has such a generous spirit, he volunteered to buy an air freshner for the shower room. On average, about 25-30 or more 'shower guys' access the medical clinic's showers within about a 4-5 hour clinic period. That's a lot of showers very quickly. So, Louis offered to take on the massive task of cleaning the showers on his own at the end of each open clinic operation. And of course, we're only too happy to oblige.

"I like everything smelling good," he said.

Louis is currently looking for work, and if you'd like to talk with him about job opportunities for a guy with a multitude of skills, let us know, and we'll contact him. He's an educated guy, and he's educating us on how to serve in a humble manner, and very early in his time here at the clinic.'ve 'got game' in the servanthood department! Thanks for helping us out!