Mammogram Van visits New Life Community Health Center Saturday, December 1

New Life Community Health Center is hosting  a mammogram van on Saturday, December 1 from 9 am to 4:30 pm. Mammogram screening is the best early detection of breast cancer and early detection is critical for effective …Read More

Summer 2018 Health Fairs - Celebrating 100 Community Health Fairs Serving 5,000

It was 18 years ago this June that a small group began gathering to plan a community health fair. The first fair was held in January 2001 in the Shell Room outside the front door of what is now the health center. This …Read More

Christian Community Health Fellowship 2018 Annual Conference

From April 19 to 21 nine Health Center volunteers and leaders traveled to Cincinnati, Ohio for the annual Christian Community Health Fellowship (CCHF) Conference. The mission of CCHF is to gather and encourage health care …Read More

Pediatric Dental Preventative Care Program funded by the American Dental Association

There are two medical care experiences as a young child that can produce a fear often into adulthood…the first time they get a shot and visiting the dentist. In earlier generations of health care, children …Read More

2018 Blood Drive...scores better results than your tax return!

Just when you think Uncle Sam hasn't already 'sucked your blood dry' by doing your taxes, New Life Fellowship and community people came along and helped disprove the adage, if only a little... to give …Read More

Grace Prescriptions Course: Sharing your Faith in a Healthcare Setting

Grace Prescriptions is an eight-week course for those working in the healthcare field (medical and dental professionals, therapists, social workers, and support staff) on how to prescribe specific and …Read More

Oh, the weather outside is ... "bite-ful"

Oh, the weather outside is..."bite-ful". Much of the Northeast and upper Midwest has been hunkered down from a massive, skin-and-temperature-biting Arctic cold snap since around Christmastime, that has continued …Read More

Opportunities to Partner with the Health Center This year, the New Life Community Health Center is one of the ministries that will be supported by the New Life Fellowship Christmas Offering. We encourage all …Read More

Partnering with the American Dental Association to Prevent Early Childhood Cavities

This fall the health center was awarded at $5,000 grant from the American Dental Association for educating caregivers on how to prevent early childhood cavities (ECC). Seventy-six pre-dental students from across New York …Read More

Mammogram Screenings Saturday, November 18

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!   Early detection of breast cancer saves lives.   Free Mammograms & Breast Cancer Screening Date: Saturday, November …Read More

"The Man Sticks It To Ya"

You've heard it said that people hate it when 'The Man sticks it to ya'. Well, 50 people didn't quite feel that way...because the 'men' and 'women' of the St. …Read More

Summary of the 2017 Health Fairs

NLCHC just concluded our last health fair of the summer season, at New Life Fellowship in Elmhurst,/Queens NYC on September 23rd. We were able to do our normal height/weight, eye exam, blood pressure and blood sugar free …Read More

FREE Flu Shots!

In partnership with the St. Johns School of Pharmacy we are offering FREE Flu Shots. There are two more opportunities to get your flu shot this fall. Tuesday, September 26 from 5 pm to 7 pm Tuesday, October 3 from 5 pm …Read More

Remaining 2017 Community Health Events

Remaining 2017 Community Health Events   Health Fair - Saturday, July 29 from 2-5 pm at Electric Park Playground on 164th Street between 65th Avenue and 67th Avenue Fresh Meadows, NY 11365 in partnership with …Read More

July 15 Health Fair in Woodside, NY with Nueva Vida International Church

On Saturday, July 15 we held a free outdoor community health fair in partnership with Nueva Vida International Church in Woodside, Queens. Nueva Vida International Church is the original Spanish congregation of New Life …Read More

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Vision for the Health Center 2004

Vision for the Health Center 2004
From Health Fairs to a Health Center

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