Whole Health Workshops

By Evyn Roliz |  April 23, 2022

From March through early June, New Life Community Health Center will be holding Whole Health workshops! These workshops are dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles by explaining how all aspects of mental, emotional, and physical health work together. This is part of New Life Community Health Center’s preventative healthcare initiative that aims to give others the resources to maintain wellbeing and avoid illness and injury. New Life wants to remain committed to its community by spreading important facts and strategies to improve health for all individuals. These workshops are led by Vicki Chiu, Mental Health Counselor, and Kristin Moltz, PA. Attendants will have the opportunity to learn about healthy recipes, exercises, sleeping habits, emotional and relational skills, and more. 

On March 5, 2022, several attendees had the opportunity to learn about healthy sleeping rituals to ensure a good night’s rest. Participants learned about certain techniques to improve their setting for nighttime, such as removing electronics from their bedrooms and keeping their areas dark. Kristin led a muscle relaxation exercise to remove stress and prepare the body for sleep. 

Furthermore, Kristin demonstrated how to make a delicious alternative to ginger ale that is often full of sugar. She explained her lovely recipe for homemade ginger ale, which can be made with fresh ginger and seltzer water! Later on, she walked everyone through the blending of a nutritious fruit and vegetable smoothie containing many health benefits. The smoothie can be used as a flavorful substitute for ice cream! 

Our beloved physical therapist, Renee Vaccaro led simple stretching exercises that can lead to better sleep and better health overall. Everyone took part in stretches that allowed them to relax their necks, shoulders, and legs. 

All participants were provided with binders and journals, which will give them access to most of the content from the workshop and a place to track their personal goals. Everyone was given sleep eye masks, lotion, earplugs, and chapstick at the end of the event. 

The remainder of the workshops will be taking place on April 30, May 14, and June 4 from 11 AM to 12:30 PM at the New Life Community Health Center at 82-10 Queens Boulevard, Queens NY 11373.